It is a bit early to paint daffodils. I happened to find this pot at the market, I bought it, thinking it might bring Spring smell.


Fried Green Egg

A couple days ago I happend to watch Dr. Seuss series. I have some of his books, but watching it as some sort of cartoon is very different and I loved it. While having the image still in me I have painted this F.G.E. for fun. Too bad I do not have that kind (you know) of ham available around here.

My favorite chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is my favorite flower, not only because they bloom in the season I was born, mostly because I had seen many spray mums in U.S. and people there decorated their yards and gardens with a lot of colorful mums.

Probably in Japan people don't favor mums so much, but they pick them anyway, because they are supposed to display mums while Ohigan (*Higan (two periods of seven days with the middle day falling on the spring or autumn equinox); the word higan meaning "the other shore," or, in Buddhism, nirvana. ) and other religious events.  Or, they may get the idea of nationalism and maybe remind of imperial family. Japanese don't treat mums casually, but foreigners do, after I found that fact I love mums very much in my own casual way.

Chrysanthemum and pears


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As I had set my goal, here I had painted another. I might be going to paint one more of Vietnam scenery line, but I already have another idea in my mind. Please wait to see what I can come up with!


The tree in this painting was very unique, I mean almost any trees I'd seen in Hanoi were nothing like the ones I saw in my life, yet this tree was outstanding among them! 

Shota was calling this kind of tree "Obake-Yanagi" which means ghost willow, but since it actually isn't a willow I modified to "Ghost Tree".

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Another street, painting in May

I am willing to stick to one thing. But it is not easy, since I keep getting interested in one another, or I simply change my mind easily. Now I decided to keep painting the sceneries of Vietnam a little more at least 2 more.


This is also the one from the photos I took in Bat Trang, I only painted rear part of the photo, do you recognize which one I used??

I regret that I could have taken more photos in Vietnam so next time if I travel anywhere I will keep it in mind, "You may be going to paint this scene, miwa!"

One thing that makes me feel better is that I can paint a little quicker than I did in April…as long as I am not tired of what I am painting.

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Painted Bag

最近作ったバッグ Piggy Tote Bags I recently made







もうひとつは「Piggy Farmer」。こっちのほうを先に作ったです。




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