Woman in white blouse

portrait of a woman in white blouse

portrait of a woman in white blouse

Today is the last day of my long holiday which started on December 27 last year. I knew if I didn’t finish this portrait during my holiday I would have to wait again until next holiday, because this painting is rather oversized for me and my patience was almost running out.

My favorite size is about 9 inches square or less. This woman I painted is about 21″ x 32″. I don’t think I want to paint on this size for a while,,, but I already have next thing I want to paint, in around this size already. I will save this idea for at least half a year though.


Teenager #2

Well, finished painting my son.


I loved the feeling of looking at my own son as a total stranger. I have spent two days to paint him (well, some hours per day :-), and while painting, I was maybe sometimes focusing on the degree of his chin, or evaluating the muscle, or, talking to myself “oops lips got too thick”, or, “well he’d been always fond of holding some kind of sticks (this stick is a 白蝋杆棍) all the time ever since he was little – this must be from his father’s blood”, or something like that (lol) , I have enjoyed every moments of those.

This painting is supposed to be set side by side with the previously painted “teenager” piece. The small personal exhibition of my artworks will be held next December and both will be displayed there  😉

White cat

Boo-chan is a white cat who belongs to my neigbour. He barely stays his home and prefers to stay outside most of the time, no matter how severe the climate is. He has had scared me a few times by trying to get into (ya at least it sounded like it) my house in midnight, like when typhoon was hitting, or snowing in the winter. In the beginning I was so worried and assumed he might be having trouble getting into his house and needed shelter, and stupidly opened my window trying to get him in getting myself soaked by the rain. But he wouldn’t come in but just kept crying. I even tried to grab and drag him into, but he didn’t let me! I still don’t understand but after I learned that he’s just such kind of a cat, I just say hi to him when I see him, occasionally feed him, but leave him alone. Oh, and his real name is “Jin (仁)”. I never tell the neigbour how funny it sounds as a cat’s name.

oil on canvas panel B5 182 mm x 257 mm