Pansies, pansies

Holidays called “golden week” started! Starting day which is today has been sadly raining all day, making me feel far from gold but dull grey. I was planning to paint a rose but roses looked tired in the rain, so instead I picked some pansies in my garden.

oil on MDF, 20cm x 20cm

I get amazed to see how strong they are every once in a while. They well survive winter here, with many flowers every day, become miserable a bit if it freezes but come back their heads staraight up with the sun coming back.

I like to plant them in front of my house for that reason.

Ranunculus cheers me up

Finally I am posting another painting.

I liked painting ranunculus last year, back then I just couldn’t help but saying inside me, being surprised at one of the finished paintings wondering “this is better than my painting”….. I think some of you understand what I’m talking about. 😀 I kept that one but sold other.

This year I found one adorable ranunculus again. They are ALL cheerful and cute and pretty, but what I look for is the shape of petals which can be expressed by the wide brush strokes. This orangy-red folower was it.


Ranunculus. An attempt to break the nervousness.

Everything has been about the massive earthquake and tsunami.

I live in Sodegaura, Chiba, where located next to Tokyo bay. Experienced serial earthquakes, sure those were BIG and scary, yet nothing broke and my son and I are both OK… I hope everyone who suffered and is now suffering get help they need asap.

 “Ranunculus”   oil on MDF board  7″ x 7″

Primrose, the heartwarming flowers in winter

They are lovely!

I have started painting the primrose(primula obconica) yesterday,  and today I painted it a bit larger, on 12″ x 12″ canvas board. When I went to the flower market  a few days ago I had seen cyclamens fading and going away little by little, instead, those bright colored primroses were there smiling. I like those orangy-pink petaled primroses.

 oil on canvas board 12″ x 12″.

And here is a  teeny tiny (4″ x 5″) pre-painting on canvas board I painted yesterday.

 oil on canvas board, 4″ x 5″.  sold


It has been a while since I updated last time announcing my winter solo. The show lasted 8 days and it had been a success as for my first solo selling 4 paintings and received some portrait orders.  After the show I started painting carnations, being pretty eager to paint, and after a couple sketches (in oil) I have finished this piece last night.

“Gals Talk” , S4, oil on stretched canvas

I am also uploading my study sketches. For my happy surprise two of them(first and second from the bottom) are already reserved.

oil on stretched canvas, size F0