Red Poppy

Sometimes I can’t start painting right after I see something attractive.

For example right at this moment I have quite a few subjects I am wanting to paint, some of them I had chances to sketch or to practice one or more times, but many of them I haven’t even touched(started anything). I feel it is somehow sacred to find beautiful things my heart get moved, I’m sometimes a bit too afraid to ruin that crispness of image & imagination by just go ahead and start painting it – like nothing.

I compare this attitude to my appetite. Let’s say, I have got some really good cheese or ham or something, I know it must taste too good I want to keep them in my refrigerater as long as possible. (Well… now it doesn’t sound pretty, does it.  hahaha)

Like that, if I keep my image in my head too long, those fresh & georgeous images lose their freshness in time, that way when I come back to take a look at the image once again, it isn’t as good as it used to be. It it spoiled and I want to eat something else.

So, I have to decide when to eat them BEFORE it gets rotten.

Which means,

I have to get myself going and paint while images are good and my appetite is still there.

I had a feeling that when I first met them(the red poppies) at the sideway of rice field a couple years ago, I was touched and felt love but I couldn’t paint right away.

Oil on PDF

This year they are back in full bloom and despite of my fear losing my affection toward them, they were as beautiful as they were when I first met them. Even more beautiful and passionate, and bit familiar now.

It was great.


Volcano, or depicted a nuclear plant image

I don’t unually paint imaginery theme. There are some reasons for that;

1) One of my art teachers told me to forget to “paint for self expressions”, during the class. I kinda agreed with that idea back then. It still make sense to me.

2) It doesn’t sell. I think my imaginery paintings get too depressive.

3) I try not to risk making other people sick. We shouldn’t underestimate the influence we get from other people’s creations such as art, music and writings. Sometimes it is obviously wicked and I get sick immediately.

I named this “VOLCANO”. (If it is viewd from a distance, it lookes kinda landscape…or something.)

Oil on MDF

It is no serious message painting, but after I finished, I could kind of connect this image to the stupid nuclear plants re-run ideas in Japan.

By posting this, I happened to break my own hidden rule. But after all I will be painting enjoyable outside things mostly.

Life is hard so I want to paint something happy.

Pansies, pansies

Holidays called “golden week” started! Starting day which is today has been sadly raining all day, making me feel far from gold but dull grey. I was planning to paint a rose but roses looked tired in the rain, so instead I picked some pansies in my garden.

oil on MDF, 20cm x 20cm

I get amazed to see how strong they are every once in a while. They well survive winter here, with many flowers every day, become miserable a bit if it freezes but come back their heads staraight up with the sun coming back.

I like to plant them in front of my house for that reason.