My Cat Ikura-chan

I have two cats, Caviar and Ikura. Caviar is a boy cat and smart one, he loves to play fighting with neigbor gang cats and acts like a man but listens to me carefully and shows me that by swirling his tail. Ikura is a female cat and she is so much like a human girl, she’s so gentle and soft, very pretty and careless, sits on my lap as she wishes and leaves as she likes. Oops, no offence! 😀 I’m a woman who is not like her at all!!

Oil on MDF board, 7 in x 7 in

Artists’ battles are very solitude, I came to know, nobody knows exactly what the artist  is fighting for. As for me, I know what I am fighting for, and I know when I win and I know when I am losing. But actually the each battle is not at all important for the rest of the world. I know that!  then, why do I keep fighting and trying to conquer?? I am not sure about that but that is one of the reasons I keep painting,  and frankly I have no choice but paint.