The 2nd “Great Exhibition of Small Paintings” at Drado Gallery

I will be joining the 2nd “Great Exhibition of Small Paintings” held at Drado Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo, starting from January 22 Saturday to 30 Sunday. (I will be there on 22 and maybe 23. Also possibly on 30. )

The Gallery’s URL :

My “sister” artist Cara Cailey had introduced about this in her blog (So sweet of her!!) , please visit there, too.

Well, I had waited to announce this until the last minute! But if you are possibly in Tokyo Shinjuku area this weekend to next week, pls. cantact me I’ll be at the gallery on weekends.


Primrose, the heartwarming flowers in winter

They are lovely!

I have started painting the primrose(primula obconica) yesterday,  and today I painted it a bit larger, on 12″ x 12″ canvas board. When I went to the flower market  a few days ago I had seen cyclamens fading and going away little by little, instead, those bright colored primroses were there smiling. I like those orangy-pink petaled primroses.

 oil on canvas board 12″ x 12″.

And here is a  teeny tiny (4″ x 5″) pre-painting on canvas board I painted yesterday.

 oil on canvas board, 4″ x 5″.  sold