You May Kiss Your Bride

I had been painting some bell peppers for last few days, and today I painted this piece.

It was so much fun to paint this because of that famous boy doll in it. I have been cherishing this cute boy doll. Many years ago my friend had this and she gave it to me when she found I loved it:-D (Cara, I still have it and bathe it once in a while, well, to wash! thank you~:-)

 oil on board, 10 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ NFS

For this piece I thought the title “You may kiss your bride” would be perfect because those two bell peppers seemed to be pretty much in love!

Below is the piece I painted yesterday…before he fell in love.

 oil on board, 7″ x 7″

People are going crazy here trying to get everything clean. I don’t participate in those “Osouji(大掃除” event (simply because I just don’t like cleaning lol) so I guess I will be painting a couple more before the year 2010 ends….



It has been a while since I updated last time announcing my winter solo. The show lasted 8 days and it had been a success as for my first solo selling 4 paintings and received some portrait orders.  After the show I started painting carnations, being pretty eager to paint, and after a couple sketches (in oil) I have finished this piece last night.

“Gals Talk” , S4, oil on stretched canvas

I am also uploading my study sketches. For my happy surprise two of them(first and second from the bottom) are already reserved.

oil on stretched canvas, size F0