Cyclamen is very very popular winter flower here. Colors are usually in pink to violet in various shades and sometimes come with ruffles and trims on petals, simply white and red flowers look also great. Prices vary too, I saw one beautiful pot priced 9800 yen which is normal. I bought this tiny pot called “garden cyclamen” for 198 yen(a little more than $2) yesterday, to paint. The pot including plant is about 8 inches tall. So small and cute. I think I did a good job to enlarge it but entire color turned to be a bit sad.

oil on stretched canvas, size F6 (9.5″ x 13″)


Another farmscape redone

This scene is actually from summer. I have painted it before but I wasn’t satisfied with the color mixture, so I have been wanting to redo. It is kinda awkward to paint summer in winter.

 Field of Negata    size F4

烏瓜 I translate it as Crow Cucumber but

According to the wikipedia: Trichosanthes cucumeroides

These red and orange cucumberlike fruits aren’t edible, and because they aren’t edible I think  Japanese must have named them as the cucumbers(or gourds) for crows. When it isn’t edible Japanese often name it “Karasu(crow)”- something. Karasu-mugi(wheat), Karasu-no-endou(peas), Karasu-gai(moule, this one became edible recently somhow) naming a few I know of. I just love those good-for-nothings, especially these lovely red cucumbers for crows.

Oil on MDF,  B5(182mm x 257mm)

Peanuts Mounds

Chiba produces a lot of peanuts. When I first moved in here I had no idea what those mounds were, now I know all those weed mounds you see here at this time of the year are made of peanuts. PEANUTS. After farmers dry them for about a month, they can really harvest the peanuts.

oil on panel, B4(257mm x 364mm),  SOLD