Persimmons aka 柿

Today I have painted this persimmon my friend gave me.

oil on panel size F3 (273mm x 220mm)


Japanese horse mackerel – 鯵

I haven’t thought about it until now that the kind of fish we call AJI (鯵)is “horse mackerel”, and SABA(鯖)is “mackerel”. They look different to most of Japanese, hence i guess they have different names here, but both are mackerel, are they related…. ?

oil on panel SM(227×158mm)


Cosmos reminds me of my childhood, every Autumn I was looking forward to seeing the cosmos field which was located about a half way from school to my house. (kids walk home in Japan)

I couldn’t resist picking AS MANY COSMOS FLOWERS AS I want, everyday, during the season, wow wow wow I can’t tell you enough how much I loved staying middle of this cosmos field surrounded by white, pink, and fuchsia colored cosmoses who were a lot taller than I. I used to forget time completely picking flowers, taking hours to get home. (well it doesn’t depend on seasons – I always found something, you know) Thank goodness my parents were terribly busy back then so that they never were bothered by me coming home late… Good old days, maybe 🙂

Oil on board, F4(242mm x 333mm)  SOLD

I had been always admiring the fuchsia ones amongst all.