Must-see rice field terrace

How beautiful is that!

I couldn't choose which photo to be displayed as first! So please click below photos too to enlarge if you have little time… Today my friend and I went to southen Chiba area (She drove, for I am still being a novice driver). There were many beautiful sites this time of the year, but this place was most beautiful! They say this is the "棚田"(rice field terrace) which is closest to Tokyo area. I may be going to paint some of them, but, I admit the site was perfectly gold and green, no electrical cables nor wires in the scene, and no weirdly imitated italian houses(LOL) around! I'd love to go visit there again in spring.


They were also having some creative Kakashi(Scarecrow) contest, according to the flyer the winner can win a lot of rice………….giving rice to somebody who is already growing rice for living does not make sence I guess but it must be fine! It is Japan!

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Kyabejin bottle, #1

This is what I had painted first as for the medicine bottle things, kind of trying to figure out how it could be painted. As usual second attempt worked quicker because the guessing and learning time reduced, so that I uploaded the second one yesterday. What I added today is some white to the logo.


                     Kyabejin bottle #1

                     oil on canvas panel, size B5 (182mm x 257mm)

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Never runs out of inspiring objects?

No, it is not as good as it may sound, I simply can't spend on some flowers to paint now, or visiting historical places to paint some traditional landscapes of japan (T_T)…hahaha but yesterday I was thinking and thinking what to paint next because I had painted enough of farmscape…and found some tiny medicine bottles. They looked kind of cute! (^_^)q!

It has a title! Because the green and yellow labeled bottle(stomach medicine) is a bit like man hitting on this girl with red and white label(cold medicine), I named this "Flirt". BTW the girl bottle happened to have the waist line(lol) and it was accident and I didn't mean it.



Next photo is nothing to do with painting but my son baked a lovely caramel cake last night (and he finished it around 2:00 midnight), so I took a picture before eating. I have told him to have his own blog some times but simply he's not that kind….it was yummy!





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Sodegaura Landscape (x2)

One for today and another I painted yesterday. I feel I have painted enough landscape for August and want to go painting people and animals. Or flowers.

                                           oil on canvas panel, size B5 (182mm x 257mm)


                     oil on canvas panel, size B4 (257mm x 364mm)

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Study pigs

Ah I don't know what I could write about these. I didn't try to make them look cute, this time I tried to paint them with purple and green.

                                           oil on canvas panel, size B5(182mm x 257mm)

                                           oil on canvas panel, size B5(182mm x 257mm)

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Another day of depression

Now I am in middle age and it is about the time to get used to how I myself cope with things. Or how badly I handle things sometimes. When younger I didn't have any adea what was wrong with me when I suffer from depression, but now, I know what I am suffering through emotional depression right at that moment, so that I can stop myself digging too deep my brain and get worse. Aging is sometimes great! even my bad memory caused by aging has a bright side, because I can forget what I used to wish to forget sooner! And, I did paint on one of such bad days!

                                                oil on canvas panel, size B5 (182mm x 257mm)

I ran out of panels, and looked around, and I found the shells I and my son gathered at the beach in July.


                                                                      oil on found objects

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A cat in the shade, and another rice field for today

I started very slow today, mostly because it is so dangerously hot in Chiba, Japan! I didn't even think about going outside. It is 17:45 now and getting a little better.

This first one is a cat, not mine, just came across. I liked how he/she was trying to relax in the shade.

                                                        oil on panel, size B4 (257mm x 354mm)


Second one here is just another rice field landscape. (not with the mannequins in it! 🙂 They soon will start harvesting them so I gotta catch the scene some more before it's gone.

                                                          oil on panel, size B5 (182mm x 257mm)


Below, I found these frames in very reasonable price the other day. Unfortunately I couldn't find them in neutral colors but I think these paintings look cute in bright colors.


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