Plowed land looks tasty

because of the fresh caramel color.

                                           oil on canvas,  F4…………333×242mm

And another small landscape of sunflowers of summer…

                                           oil on canvas,  F3…………273×220mm

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Sodegaura Landscape

I have written that I loved the rusted houses & garages.These were fun to paint.

(I have re-taken the photos! the color looked bad before!)

                                                                               oil on canvas, both size F4(333×242mm)   SOLD

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Rusted corrugated surface

I love the looks of those rusted corrugated metal walls & roofs. Especially when they are patchworked. I had been wanting to take photos to make a collection, but I haven't done so because, to make this simple task difficult, there are people living in many of those houses and I don't want to offend anybody. (I don't think people believe me if I tell them the house wall texture is artistic and lovely.) But today, I found a few such garages and abondoned houses.


There are a lot more of this kind in various colors around here. I would like to reclaim many of those corrugated walls and make my own patchwork house if I coud.






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Floral Bouquet

I was going to paint some animals, but somehow it didn't work which is not so unusual. Meanwhile I had received this beautiful bunch for some event. Well, I thought those flowers, gorgeous chinese peonies and big rose buds didn't belong to me…I am more like wild flower type….(?), but I thought about it twice. "Wait a minute, WHEN will I have a next chance to have these gorgeous in my simple (yes so simple) life…?" OK, it took me 3 days and done.


                                                                                      Size S8 (455mm x 455mm), oil on canvas

Maybe the orange used in this painting was too hot in this weather. Next time I want to paint in blue or mint or apple green or something like that. 🙂

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Warming up

Heat is on, talking not only about the climate but I have to get motivated again. I can't sit and wait until "that" comes upon me somehow to put me into painting mood, so I decided to paint myself and exercise a bit.

Since it is an exercise I used an recycled canvas which I have painted months ago and didn't like it (well, or just didn't sell) so I have gessoed over it. Yikes it shows vertical strokes of gesso, but it is OK!


And then I started underpainting for next projects. This is unusual for me because I usually don't wait. I don't want to wait to get them dry before I add next layer, like how I painted above SP. I wonder how they will turn out, but I enjoyed painting CLEAN & NEW canvases so I am adding them here to show :-D.


The actual colors are prettier than these photos I will update in a future…..hopefully.


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