Been to DACHO OUKOKU(Ostrich Kingdom)

I always wanted to go see what it was like, and finally I made it.

(official web page :

It was a holiday, and beautiful sunny day, yet we didn't see many people there at the farm (well yeah it was more like the ostrich farm with many more animals), and I LOVED IT that way. It added one more to the 20 reasons why I love Sodegaura. Maybe I will come up with the other 19 later. To make our trip to Dacho Oukoku even more satisfying, people would not easily get into the cage apparently because it was a lot more scary than they expected. I have seen a little boy quickly ran out from there after getting in with his mommy. Anyway, it was a bit wild and exciting place!


                                               I love how this photo captured him eating carrot.

                                            Yes they bite by accident and it hurts. 😀

                                            Surrounded by ostriches….cool

                                            I am regular Japanese and they are taller than I.



There were other animals,

let me share some of the photos.





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It was a beautiful day today. It is middle of the "Golden Week" in Japan, and people are visiting here and there to make most out of the holidays. I don't like crowded places and too many people, so I am staying here in Sodegaura, today went to see the famous bunch of koinobori by my new orange scooter.

There wasn't any events going on today, but there were some people who came to take photos, like me.















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