My favorite chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is my favorite flower, not only because they bloom in the season I was born, mostly because I had seen many spray mums in U.S. and people there decorated their yards and gardens with a lot of colorful mums.

Probably in Japan people don't favor mums so much, but they pick them anyway, because they are supposed to display mums while Ohigan (*Higan (two periods of seven days with the middle day falling on the spring or autumn equinox); the word higan meaning "the other shore," or, in Buddhism, nirvana. ) and other religious events.  Or, they may get the idea of nationalism and maybe remind of imperial family. Japanese don't treat mums casually, but foreigners do, after I found that fact I love mums very much in my own casual way.

Chrysanthemum and pears


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Fall is coming

September, October and November. I love this time of year. Air shapens and gets crispy, many delicious things, and of course my favorite leaves and flowers…

I am now in a mood of improving my flower painting skill. I get inspired by other great flower painters' works every now and then, and with the eagerness I go to flower market and come back with some pretty flowers. Many times I ended up wishing that I never even started! Well, then, too afraid to waste more canvases and paintings I have been painting landscapes and portraits fr a while, and suddenly, as usual, that "Flower Power" struck me again. This time I am happy with the result at least as for my ability right now.

Cockscomb and Zinnia

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