Mid to late summer update

Uploading a few paintings finished while my digital camera was out of order, today I got the fixed camera back from Nikon.


In my image this one supposed to be set side by side with "At the wedding", which I have painted days ago.

BrideAt the wedding

The scene was taken from my mom's old album, and this woman is my mom when she was getting married to my dad. The wedding was held at her home in Ibaraki pref. in 1960's. By painting her I aimed to understand her little deeper since it is not a natural thing for me to do; she has a completely opposite character compare to me. The result? Well what I realized was she looked no different from many other Japanese brides at their wedding. She looks like me at my younger age, little like my sister when she was getting married,  so, well, means,  even though we all sometimes make out the point we are too different to understand each other, in a long term sence, we are all looking alike.


 I am recentry in portrait painting mood. Here is a next one! Featuring an adorable baby boy.

            Baby's blocks

Though I enjoyed a great deal painting him (got the cutest photo from his parents), I regret that I picked the perfect smiling photo, that way it makes it difficult that the painting turns out actually BETTER than the photo. I only hope that his parents wouldn't complain that their boy is a lot cuter (^ ^; even if that is true. 


            A woman in kimono

I love the mood she has, well she is my friend's friend I got to know recently. She is a professional shamisen player (a traditional three-stringed musical instrument), and wow! owns and wears kimonos and yukatas on regular basis.

I'd like to paint her some more if she says OK after she looks at this.




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Two pieces IKURA-chan

More like interior purpose painting.



I paint my cats, this time painted IKURA, she is a cutie little cat. Even though my son and I named her Ikura which means salmon roe, we now call her PONTA or POM-chan all the time.  

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