Futtsu Misaki (Cape Futtsu)

Futtsu Misaki is a open, beautiful cape in Chiba, you can look at Tokyo bay from there.

When I visited there before, I found a living turtle resting at the shore. Today I stopped by because I thought I may find something interesting. I was not fortunate enough to find these creatures below living, but *wow* they were worth looking at!

From Left to right: ray, shark, starfish


Being not sure about the starfish if it was still alive, I pushed it back into the water.

There were many many, I mean MANY jelly fishes, too.


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Ikura and Pumpkin

I have been painting flowers, not much success..(T_T) To change mood I painted my cat Ikura-chan pumpkin version.

I have painted this Ikura-chan before, in mixed media, years ago. This time I tried to make it look like a folk art. Thinking about adding a kind of built-in frame..








 To compare, here is the Ikura-chan and tomato in mixed media.





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Pigs For Sale

Time passed so quickly since I had visited my sister in Tokyo last week. And it is middle of the rainy season 梅雨 now in Japan, I had been waiting the SUN to shine, to take photos. So here they go!

I had been hating this rainy season of Japan ever since…don't remember any more…anyway since I was a girl…that's a part of the reason why I had been dreaming to move to different country, which sounds very silly when I think about it now. Do I want to give up all those anime and cartoons and fresh fish and local japanese vegetables, no I don't. Especially after I visited Vietnam with full of good products but comes with humidity! It had been raining, and even when it wasn't raining it was misty and my blouse kept sticking to my skin…sure that should be called rainy season to me. No wonder everybody seemed to be skinny.

Goes back to the title of today.

I have painted with acrylic. It becomes as if it turns to my vacation mode when I paint with acrylic.


This little piggy went to market…..

Yes I have learned this from you……my neighbor!








The design of this tree house was made long time ago, back then I used markers. Just another acrylic version. with a little twist. 









Whimsical theme goes on…..

I have never been to Paris. I think that is a key to making up a story for me.








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