Duck tale goes on…

I wish there was a operator on it, somewhat those ducks are going to have some more adventures….maybe?








Yesterday I painted this caterpillar on the left, and today right side.

Caterpillar is what my nickname "Kyata" came from. (In Japanese it is read as Kya-ta-pi-la)


 I don't mean I love them, it just happened that way.



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Luckily I took a picture of a duck drinking water at a park, which I thought very charming, and while I was painting I came up with this idea…. Title is "narcissus" because it looks as if the duck is kissing to its own reflection on the surface and doesn't pay attention to its partner. My cruel imagination has nothing to do with the real ducks, poor things!












I also started this yesterday.

In a way this is a imaginary scene, because I didn't put any motorcycle people in it.

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Odds and Ends

I am talking about the canvas sizes, I have somehow thought that it was a good idea to have a stock of tiny canvases, because Japan is such a small country. Now I feel they are too small. So I picked some figure just to fit in the small canvases.

←A pc of still life painting…

←A rooster.

It seems every artist has to paint rooster at least once or twice. It may be just my misunderstanding.

(^ ^)>


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Painting a Pit Bull

I have borrowed the original photo from my friend Hanako-san. Hanako-san thank you for the cute photo! It was fun to paint your dog. After this I got curious how other pit bulls are like, so I looked for some photos on the net. My, many were not cute (sorry) but more like wild…







*This painting had been sold and shipped to Oregon.

Hanako-san thank you very much!


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Update in June….


Kitty Cats


I have decided to draw my cats with markers & colored pencils. The photo was taken years ago when they were kittens, yes I do have some other photo collection when they were very cute.




Another oil painting update done on June 10.

It may be going to be changed a little after showing this to my friend!





Upon her request, I had modified a little in this painting. Can you tell the difference!? I can't!(LOL) but I KNOW where I fixed.

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