Blue Ha Noi

Because I liked this scene quite well, I have painted it again in a bit larger size. Larger it became, more detail it had in it, so I took 2.5 days to finish. This time I used Artists' magic, lol, which I have eliminated those bundles of cables crossing across those buildings. 











BTW, yesterday,

we had a meeting to make Festive-Sushi!

Just want to share what they were like.

Those are supposed to be rose, and camellia, and snail. Yes, the snail sushi didn't turn out good it almost looked like alien with two orange eyes. Surprisingly, it tasted good! ^ ^

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Yesterday and Today

Loaded with new canvases now. ^ ^


Painted this one yesterday. Another from Minami-Boso beach.

Somehow this piece doesn't have a spice in it. Reason may be…I need more color, and maybe I need people in it.

Anyway, sky part and ocean part were quick to paint. What I didn't know WHAT was, the grass part. I tried to search for the hint, then I found some good "How-To" videos on U-tube things! There wasn't grass painting how to but there were many landscape how-to's. Some were too good to learn.






I didn't realize this one look so pale until I took the picture. This is my second attempt to paint from the same photo which I took about 6, 7 years ago. She must be a grown up lady by now! I had been sorry for her mother that I was not able to show her the finished painting back then. 

Today I am happy with the result and feel a lot better! I did some terrible job when painting the left side hydrangea last time(yap 6+ yrs ago) and I could not stand it. That way, it was never done.  



FYI, this is that unfinished piece.

Another thing I noticed was I tended to go too much.

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Minami-Boso area (South Chiba)

My friend and I had made one day trip to Minami-Boso.

I have been living here for more than 4 years now but since I didn't drive I could go places nearby where reachable my scooter or by bus. Sometimes friends takes me out to drives, and last Friday she has shown me some interesting places.



I had modified the photo to look a bit more sunny and bright…


The sight from south Chiba looking toward Tokyo bay.








I took some photos to paint after coming back home.








And this is what I have painted this evening after supper.




And today Shota made chocolate chip cookies! He refered Martha Stewart's site.(Our family favorite^^)

It was so good for his first attempt and gone completely by the evening.




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As I had set my goal, here I had painted another. I might be going to paint one more of Vietnam scenery line, but I already have another idea in my mind. Please wait to see what I can come up with!


The tree in this painting was very unique, I mean almost any trees I'd seen in Hanoi were nothing like the ones I saw in my life, yet this tree was outstanding among them! 

Shota was calling this kind of tree "Obake-Yanagi" which means ghost willow, but since it actually isn't a willow I modified to "Ghost Tree".

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Another street, painting in May

I am willing to stick to one thing. But it is not easy, since I keep getting interested in one another, or I simply change my mind easily. Now I decided to keep painting the sceneries of Vietnam a little more at least 2 more.


This is also the one from the photos I took in Bat Trang, I only painted rear part of the photo, do you recognize which one I used??

I regret that I could have taken more photos in Vietnam so next time if I travel anywhere I will keep it in mind, "You may be going to paint this scene, miwa!"

One thing that makes me feel better is that I can paint a little quicker than I did in April…as long as I am not tired of what I am painting.

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Painted Bag

最近作ったバッグ Piggy Tote Bags I recently made







もうひとつは「Piggy Farmer」。こっちのほうを先に作ったです。




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